Benefits and Disadvantages of Hiring a Cheap Web Designer

Sometimes we just want to be frugal and save money. We wonder, if we can save some money and get the same product, then why not do it? Well with web design, this rule can lead you to get a bad product or even worse, LOSE MONEY! Do not despair, there are also benefits of a having a cheap web designer.  So let us see what the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a cheap web designer for your business or blog.

First, Let us Look At What Makes a Good Web Design


As you can see, a lot of things go into making a good web design which are usually incorporated by good web design companies. Whether it be incorporating social media, tracking analytics, or good layout colors. Now this shows what actually has to go into a website, which is a lot of work. Now imagine how much work that would take to incorporate every single one of those elements. This is where a cheap web designer comes in. So let us look at the disadvantages of having a cheap web designer.

Disadvantages of a Cheap Web Designer:

1. You Get What You Paid For

If you are buying a cheap product, chances are that it will not be build with quality. It will break, not last long, and may be even harmful. In the case of a spending $100-$200 on a cheap web design by a cheap website design company, it means that you will get a mediocre website because you did not compensate the web designer enough. Remember, this is PROFESSIONAL WORK, therefore it should be treated with a professional price. When you pay little for professional work, your going to get a website that functions poorly, does not have any search engine optimization, and is destined to turn your viewers away to go somewhere else. Little pay for a website will usually get little work done to it, at least the amount of work that you paid for. A cheap web design service is not always the best way to go, especially for your business. A website is sort of like an investment, you put more money in and you get more money out! So think twice about getting a web design cheap from some place online for $100.

2. A Cheap Web Designer Will Usually Not Give You A Return On Investment

A cheap web designer will usually put enough work that you paid him to do, therefore it will be the bare basics. When it comes to web design, the bear basic are not enough. You need search engine optimization, which will get you to the top sports of Google and in return drive TONNES OF TRAFFIC to you website. Check out the effects of cheap website design on search engine optimization. This is not something you will get with a $200 website because it requires specialized knowledge and skill. It is not easy and cannot be done in a day. You also might not get a responsive web design which will cater to the needs of people searching for your website on a tablet or mobile phone. This will hurt your chances of getting traffic, sales, and a return on your investment from your website.


Advantages Of A Cheap Web Designer:

1. Having  Saved Money

If you do you diligent research for a honest and cheap freelance web designer that can create a great website for you for a good price then you might get lucky and save money. In order to do this, make sure to look around the web for the best website design companies and make sure they are legitimate and not some shady  guy on craigslist. If you play your cards right, you can save money and get a good website. This is especially true if you don’t plan to use your website for major traffic, just local traffic. You might even get a great web design included as part of the cheap website design services.

2.Finding a Diamond in the Rough

Hiring a good web designer cheap can mean that you just found a contact that can help you build other websites.  You can refer this cheap web designer to friends and colleagues so you can also help them out. This is important and can be a tremendous help to all your friends. So if you look hard enough, you just might find a diamond in the rough.

In the end,

Hiring a cheap web designer can be a bit risky and give you a low return on your money. Make sure to always do research or just learn web design on your own.  Who knows, by learning web design on your own you may even be able to land a web design job. I suggest you start by learning how to code and reading books on web design if you are serouse about designing your own websites. I highly recommend the beginners book called “HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites” by Jon Duckett. It is great in depth book about HTML and CSS which is what you need to know in order to build a website.

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Is a Cheap Web Designer The Best Option?
Ever wonder if hiring a cheap web designer is a good choice? Well here is a list of the benefits and disadvantages of a cheap web designer for your website.

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