So How Does Responsive Web Design Help You?

2013 was hailed as the year of responsive web design. Why? With an ever increasing amount of traffic coming from phones and tablets,  it is becoming increasingly important to have your website become mobile friendly.  Mobile versions of website are proven to have more visitors, not just because they are better but because Google favors mobile friendly websites. So the question arises…

So What Is Responsive Web Design?



The Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Benefit #1: Google Loves Responsive Web Design

Since Google controls most of search engine traffic, it is very important to pay attention to what Google Loves. Google favors a responsive website because it is easier for it’s users to use. Plain and simple, responsive web design makes it easy for a wide variety of people to view your content. That is why responsive web design is so important, it allows a wider array of customers to like your website. That is why non mobile friendly websites have a much higher bounce rate (The amount of users that leave the first page instead of staying on the website) because phone and tablet users cannot browse the content easily.

Benefit #2: User Experience is Enhanced. 

Responsive web design helps users view, like, and even share content just as easily as desktop users.  So a mobile user can easily send their friends your website and next thing you know, you will have lots of traffic to your website. This is important because it not helps you look better on search engines but also with users. By having responsive web design, you are more likely to have more viewers or customers just because your website is mobile friendly.

Benefit #3:  More People Will Stay and View Your Website

Since you are catering to over a BILLION PEOPLE online that use smart phones, you are more likely to have them continue looking through your website. Since browsing is so much easier, a person will easily be able to find content that he or she may like. Whether this content is another blog post or your products. This also means that you will have a lower chance of people abandoning your responsive mobile website to go to your competitors websites. So mobile friendly websites can mean more cash and traffic!  Simple responsive sites that include a mobile version of a website are the best way to go. So why not do it??

So You Want To Learn How To Make a Responsive Website but Don’t Know How?


Learning Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web Graphics

Well the good news is there are ways to learn how to make a responsive website that caters to Tablets and iPhone’s. It’s all about learning how to be a web designer.  Here is a great resource that will help you learn the basics and do it yourself. The book is called “Responsive Design with HTML5 and CSS3” and it is a great reference book on how to do it yourself.





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The Benefits of Responsive Web Design
The benefits of responsive web design and how it cal take your business to the next level. Truth behind responsive web design and its effect on business.

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