Top Ways That Web Designers Drive Their Users Crazy

There are many things that drive users crazy and it is usually related to poor web design that anyone hardly spent any time on. This can lead to HUGE web design catastrophes that will make your users scream and hit the red x button.

Web Design Catastrophe #1: Displaying Products With Low Resolution Images 

If you have an e-Commerce store, there is absolutely no reason that you should use images the size of postage stamps. The web store is your show room and should be treated like a glossy cover of a magazine. Simply putting horrible looking images with low resolution just won’t cut it. Make sure you put high resolution images that are high quality and offer users to view multiple images of the product.

Web-Design-Catastrophe- 2

Web Design Catastrophe #2: Having A Bad Search Bar

If you have a search bar that displays worse results than 1990’s search engine then make sure you change it. It’s not a time where we have a collection of pages and websites that don’t even link to each other. You need a search bar that finds exactly what the user is looking for on your website. Especially if the website is big!

Web Design Catastrophe #3: Using Hard To Read Fonts 

You want  people to at least be able to read your website and take you seriously right? There is nothing worse than going on a website and trying to read what’s even on the website. Choosing a bad font size will lead to bad first impressions. Your website is not a joke and neither should be the fonts that you use.

Web-Design-Catastrophe 3

Web Design Catastrophe #4: Not Using A Responsive Web Design 

Did you know that people browse not just on their desktops but on their phones as well? Shocking I know, however it’s time to stop cramming a full desktop website on a little smartphone screen. Instead, adopt a responsive website that will be beneficial to all your users. In the long run, giving your users an ease of navigation no matter what device, will benefit the users greatly.

Web Design Catastrophe #5: Forcing Visitors to Sign Up Before Browsing Your Website. 

Forcing people to sign up for an email is the wrong way to go. It is also annoying for first time users to see that they have to sing up before even knowing what is on the website. I know this is a strategy to building an email list but frankly, think about how many potential people you are losing out!


Web Design Catastrophe #6: Having Lengthy Forms To Fill Out On Your Website 

Filling out lengthy forms is always a drag. This is especially true for smart phone users. If you can, simply eliminate what does not need to be on the form. Do not over complicate, make the forms easy and simple to fill out.

Thanks for reading guys, just wanted to share my thoughts on web design.

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