Best SEO Tips For Web Designers

Want to rank higher on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other top search engines? Here we give you the TOP TIPS for ranking higher, that can be implemented with extreme ease today! Search Engine Optimization for web designers is looked at as something that is next to impossible to do. Well, we are here to prove this wrong by giving you the TOP 5 search engine optimization tips FROM THE TOP SOURCES IN THE WEB DESIGN BUSINESS.


Top Tips for Web Designers

TIP #1: Targeting the Right Key Words to Rank For

In order to rank in Google, you have to target keywords that you want to rank for on your website. That is why embedding keywords on your website about what your website is about  is important. For example: If you have a web design blog, then you should target keywords such as web design, seo, web design tips, etc. In order to find the best keywords for your website, you should look at Google Trends and see what keywords relating to your website are popular among searchers. Before we begin, I want to highly suggest the book called “SEO Black Book: A Guide to the Search Engine Optimization Industry’s Secrets” by R L Adams. It a great book that with STELLAR RATINGS and gives you the industry’s top tips and insights to help you succeed in SEO!


SEO Black Book: A Guide to the Search Engine Optimization Industry’s Secrets

Here are some more tips on how to target the right key words:

  • When searching your keyword on Google, see if there are very established websites that are on the top page of Google and try to avoid keywords that have these websites on the first page of Google. Ex: If a powerful website such as is number one for a keyword about bicep workouts, then it will be harder to rank for that keyword.
  • Use keywords that are more specific than general. Remember, a broad keyword such as “workout” will have many more searches per month but also A LOT MORE COMPETITION. Therefore focus on more specific keywords such as “outdoor leg workouts” or “bicep exercises with kettle bells” which still get thousands of searches but have a lot less competition that you could rank for.

TIP #2: Building POWERFUL Backlinks to Your Website

Another thing that can boost your search engine optimization whether you are freelance web designers or ecommerce web designers is building powerful backlinks from high authority websites. But what are backlinks??? Backlinks – are links that link your website from a different website. Think of the internet as a giant popularity contest. The websites that have the most backlinks from the the most popular websites will rank higher on Google.  This is because search engines assume the best websites will have the most amount of links to them.

So how can you get POWERFUL backlinks to your website?

  1. Write in forums, blogs, and social media relating to your niche and backlink YOUR website from these high authority websites such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and other very popular websites.
  2. DON’T build backlinks from orphan pages, which are pages that have low authority and no backlinks from them leading to any other website. Many people make the mistake of building backlinks that are from websites that no one knows about and have no authority. This can make Google highly suspicious of your website and may even LOWER YOUR RANKING.
  3. Interact with high authority websites and gather a bigger following on each of them. For example: You have a big following on Facebook in which many people like your website and therefore backlink your website from their own Facebook page. This gives you more popularity and increases your rank and authority on your website.

TO SUM IT ALL UP, Watch Jay Wessman, An Internet Expert who makes a full-time living off of building profitable websites, Explain How to Build Powerful Backlinks. TIP #3: Using Social Media to Your Advantage


Web Designers and the Internet

Just like in tip #2 I told you to build powerful backlinks, social media can help you do that in an extraordinary way. By using websites such as Facebook, Tumblr, Pintrest, and many more, you can easily build a following to your niche and therefore gain more popularity and maybe even some money in the process. By opening free accounts on different social media platforms and building a following, you can have your followers share your information and therefore ADVERTISE YOUR WEBSITE FOR FREE.  By following other people on these big social media platforms relating to your niche, you can gather a huge following and build quality backlinks to your website. Here are the benefits of social media on search engine optimization.

  • Powerful backlinks from high authority websites that will help you rank higher in search engines.
  • You will have a fan base that will share your content, letting more people be exposed to you and therefore allowing even more followers to come.
  • Having multiple social media accounts with large followings will make search engines look to you as an authority and a good source on your specific topic.
  • Social Media can translate to more sales and more leads for your business.

Want to see this in action? Watch the video below! Here is another great video on how to build a huge following on Tumblr by Jay Wessman TIP #4: Having a Great Looking Website

This one speaks for itself, having a great looking website will allow the people that will be coming from search engines, social media, and other parts of the internet to stay on your website! Think of it as if you went to a restaurant and saw that it not only looked elegant, smelled great, but also had great food. You would be more likely to stay as opposed to an ugly restaurant that looks dirty and with horrible staff. You want your website to behave in the exact same way. You want more visitors staying on your website  because it looks professional instead of cheap, done by some bad website design companies. Your website does not have to be complex, it can be a simple web design that looks good. That is why I recommend using WordPress because it a great content management system that can make your website look excellent. If you want more information, then learn  how to be a web designer  to find out how you can build better quality websites.

TIP #5: Posting Excellent and Fresh Content to Your Website

Always have fresh,excellent, and relevant content on your website. If you do not continually update your website, then the search engine looks at your website as one of less quality. Websites that are updated regularly signal to search engines that the owners of these websites care more about what they post about and are not one of those bad websites that was made in 20 minutes with no thought involved. This is why pages such as CNN,, and Huffington Post continue to rank high on search engines. You should do the same and copy the successful.

To Conclude

This a is great way to enhance your web design qualifications by having more experience in SEO and building a better web designers portfolio. With this information, you can go from regular web designers to seo web designers. All you have to do is to start implementing these top 5 tips and you will see an increase in your popularity not just in search engine optimization but social media and conversions as well. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me


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